Pastry Recipes and Basics of Pastry

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Pastry doen’t have an exact date of birth, it is lost over time. But today there are many preparations between the typical and fancy desserts. In Pastry Recipes and Basics of Pastry, you will find the recipes divided into different categories in order to facilitate the search for the dessert.

Pastry is a very particular branch of cuisine. Inside there are many types of preparations such as cakes, spoon desserts, small pastries and many others. Each of them needs different techniques and sometimes even more techniques combined.

Here you will find everything you need to prepare delicious desserts thanks to the Basics of Pastry, from kitchens all over the world. Recipes explained step by step to facilitate the preparation.

Recipes such as shortcrust pastry or puff pastry for sweets and biscuits will no longer have secrets. Basic doughs to prepare cakes to be filled, desserts suitable for breakfast such as sweet muffins, plunk cake, carrot cake and many others. Do not forget the recipes for making delicious biscuits, for the milk soak, for you or simply to be enjoyed during the holidays such as gingerbread. You will find a part dedicated to leavened desserts such as sweet breads and various types of croissants.

Obviously in Pastry Recipes and Basics of Pastry could not miss fresh and creamy ice cream, popsicles and semifreddo to face the summer heat. Spoon desserts, such as panna cotta, puddings and delicious Tiramisu! Jams, Tarts and the famous American Pies. The small sweet pastry, like the puffs filled with chantilly cream and the small dry pastry like the shortbread with jam.

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