Orange Bundt Cake with Gingerbread Spices


This Orange Bundt Cake is a simple but perfect for a holidays dessert. A delicate donut cake enriched with orange peel and juice and gingerbread spice mix, all accompanied by a warm and delicate crème anglaise.

orange bundt cake recipe

The Orange Bundt Cake

This donut with orange juice and spices is a light dessert designed to be a quick and easy Christmas dessert. Orange accompanied by gingerbread spice is truly a classic combination not only for the holidays, but for winter! To make this donut even richer, I prepared a delicious vanilla creme anglaise to serve hot. The outside of the donut is well cooked, a little drier than the inside, soft and light. This will make the cake more resistant to the hot custard, which will accompany the dessert and prevent it from falling apart like an overly soaked biscuit!

The smooth and velvety sauce will make the orange donut more pleasant; the vanilla will bring out the spices and the taste of the orange. The dessert will be more pleasant and delicious, an alternative could also be a chocolate sauce!

Orange Bundt Cake Recipe

Let’s start from scratch! Grease and flour the pan. The preparation of this delicious Orange Bundt Cake is really simple, first sift the flour with the baking powder and then mix everything with the spices. In another bowl, put the egg whites with a pinch of salt and whisk them until stiff. Aside,
work the sugar with the yolks creating a nice cream, add the soft butter and continue to work the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Start pre-heating the oven to 180°C. Add to the mixture the orange grated zest and juice (or more oranges if they are small). Once well blended, add the flour a little at a time and lastly the egg whites, stirring gently so as not to disassemble them.

Pour the mixture into the pan and level the mixture and eliminate any bubbles and bake for 35 – 40 minutes. Once cooked, take it out from the oven and let it cool completely. Prepare the creme anglaise just before serving, so it’s hot when you pour it over the cake. Heat the milk with the vanilla, while mixing the sugar and egg yolks. When the milk starts to boil, turn off the milk and remove the pod and slowly pour it into the eggs while stirring. Now put everything back on the low heat, taking care to mix, cook it until the mixture reaches 82 °C. Pour the cream into a briquette and
serve the cake.

If you want more Christmas and holiday ideas, I also recommend the Orange Almond Flour Cake For Christmas.

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Orange Bundt Cake With Gingerbread

Delicate donut with an intense scent of orange and gingerbread spices, served with a warm creme anglaise.
Porzioni 12 portions
Tempo di Preparazione 30 minutes
Tempo di Cottura 40 minutes
Tempo totale 1 hour 10 minutes



  • 230 g Pastry Flour
  • 150 g Caster Sugar
  • 2 Egg Whites
  • 2 Yolks
  • 120 g Butter soft
  • 110 g Orange Juice
  • 1 Orange Peel grated
  • 1 pinch Salt
  • 8 g Cake Yeast
  • 2 Cloves ⅛ tsp if powdered
  • 2 g Cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp Nutmeg
  • 2 g Ginger

Creme Anglaise

  • 4 Yolks
  • 125 g Caster Sugar
  • 500 ml Milk
  • ¼ Vanilla Beans



  • Grease and flour the pan.
  • Finely grind the 2 cloves in a mortar if you don't already have them in powder. Sift yeast with flour and spices.
    230 g Pastry Flour, 8 g Cake Yeast, 2 Cloves, 2 g Cinnamon, ¼ tsp Nutmeg, 2 g Ginger
  • Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt, once ready keep them in the fridge.
    2 Egg Whites, 1 pinch Salt
  • In a bowl, mix the sugar with the egg yolks, dissolve the sugar, add the soft butter and continue beating the mixture until it is perfectly blended.
    150 g Caster Sugar, 2 Yolks, 120 g Butter
  • Add the grated zest and orange juice to the mixture.
    110 g Orange Juice, 1 Orange Peel
  • Preheat the oven to 180 °C.
  • Start adding the dry mix to the wet mix until it's all incorporated.
  • Add the whipped egg white one tablespoon at a time, stirring gently so as not to disassemble the egg white.
  • Once ready, pour the mixture into the pan trying to level it and eliminate any air bubbles in the mixture. Bake for 35 – 40 minutes.
  • Once cooked, take it out of the oven and remove the cake from the mold and let it cool on a pastry rack.

Creme Anglaise

  • Cut the piece of vanilla pod in half lengthwise, and remove all the seeds.
  • Pour the milk into a saucepan and add the seeds and vanilla pod, heat over low heat until it starts to boil.
    500 ml Milk, ¼ Vanilla Beans
  • While the milk is on the heat, work the egg yolks with the sugar, creating a nice creamy sauce.
    4 Yolks, 125 g Caster Sugar
  • When the milk comes to a boil, turn off the heat and remove the pod.
  • Start pouring a little at a time into the eggs, stirring and continue until you run out of milk.
  • Put the mixture in a saucepan and cook over low heat, stirring constantly.
  • The cream will begin to thicken and will be ready when it reaches 82°C.
  • Remove the cream from the heat, pour it into a jug and serve the dessert completely cooled and the creme anglaise still hot.
Chef: Taira by R.J.
Calorie: 290kcal
Course: Sweets and Desserts
Cuisine: Recipes Journey Original
Keyword: Baked Sweet, Cake, Christmas
Difficoltà: Easy
Temperatura: 180 °C/356 °F


Serving: 119g | Calories: 290kcal (15%) | Carbohydrates: 42g (14%) | Protein: 6g (12%) | Fat: 11.5g (18%) | Sugar: 26g (29%)

Le informazioni nutrizionali mostrate sono una stima fornita da un calcolatore nutrizionale online. Non deve essere considerato un sostituto del consiglio di un nutrizionista professionista.

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