Moscow Mule Cocktail


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Today as an aperitif, we enjoy a nice Moscow Mule Cocktail! The Moscow Mule is based on neutral vodka, lime juice and Ginger Beer. It is a thirst-quenching drink, which lends itself to being sipped slowly thanks to the generous amount of ice. Also for this reason it is not a very strong cocktail despite the presence of vodka, it is basically very similar to Mint Julep. It is pleasantly alcoholic, and the presence of Ginger Beer (ginger beer) makes it slightly pungent, all balanced by the sourness of the lime. The Moscow Mule Cocktail is really perfect for stimulating the appetite.

how to make moscow mules

The History of Moscow Mule Cocktail

Contrary to what its name suggests, the Moscow Mule has nothing to do with Moscow. It was born in America, and like any self-respecting cocktail it has more than one story behind it. The first, sees him born in 1941 in New York at the bar of the Chatham Hotel during the delivery of the first batch of Ginger Beer of Jack Morgan’s Cock ‘n’ Bull. Mr. Jack Morgan was at the bar of the Charham Hotel with John G. Martin, owner of Heublein Inc (one of the largest spirits distributors of the 20th century) and Rudolph Kunett, president of Vodka Smirnoff.

During an aperitif, they simply wondered what would happen by mixing some Vodka, some Ginger Beer and some lemon juice. After a few attempts to find the right doses, they found the right one and the Moscow Mule Cocktail was born.

The second one sees as its inventor the bartender of the Morgan bar, Wes Price. Which says that the cocktail was born cleaning the cellar of the bar. Trying to get rid of several leftover stocks, he mixed Ginger Beer with vodka, and after serving it to famous actor Broderick Crawford, the cocktail became hugely popular.

Personally I am inclined to the first version, since at the time the sale of Vodka in the United States was not so widespread, since it was a Russian product and they were always looking for a way to get the product to take hold on American territory. But whatever the story of the “Moscow Mule” or “Mule’s Soccer” this cocktail has become one of the most popular.

How to Make Moscow Mule

The preparation is simple, it is done directly in the glass and this is where the “problems” begin. The Moscow Mule Cocktail is born served in a copper glass, specifically designed for this cocktail. But as we know by now, copper dishes can be harmful to health. Being acidic, the drink favors the dissolution of ramen and consequently ingestion which can lead to poisoning. For this reason, in 2017 the Alcoholic Beverages Division declared that any acidic drink cannot be served in pure copper glasses. But one can use glasses that are internally coated with other metal such as stainless steel which is safe for health.

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Moscow Mule Cocktail

"One of the most famous cocktails of recent times, thanks to the fresh taste of lime and ginger combined with the pungent flavor of vodka…"
Servings 1 portion
Prep Time 5 mins
Total Time 5 mins


  • 60 ml Vodka
  • 22 ml Lime Juice
  • 120 ml Ginger Beer
  • Lime

Decorate with a slice of Lime


    • Coarsely chop 4/6 cubes and put them in the glass.
    • Add the vodka, lime juice and mix.
    • Fill it with ginger beer and angostura if you wish. Garnish with a lime wedge.


    You can serve it in the typical copper-plated Mule glass.
    Always drink responsibly, don’t drink alcohol if you don’t have the legal drinking age.
    Chef: recipesjourney
    Calories: 193kcal
    Course: Drinks
    Cuisine: American
    Keyword: Alcoholic Cocktail
    Difficulty: Easy
    Typology: Every Hour, Long Drink, Vodka Base
    Blending Method: On the Rocks


    Serving: 202g | Calories: 193kcal (10%) | Carbohydrates: 15g (5%) | Sugar: 13g (14%)
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