Middle East Foods

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Middle East Foods encompasses the kitchens of various countries. It’s a rather large area that goes from Egypt to Turkey, despite the large area, these kitchens are connected by a common thread. They are all countries that have been under the control of the Ottoman Empire. For example, Egypt does not geographically fall into this area, but given that in the past it was one of the countries of North Africa conquered by the empire, it absorbed its uses and customs.

All countries are united by very similar if not identical social customs and traditions. Religion is also an important factor that influenced cooking.

Middle Eastern Customs

The food of the Middle Eastern tables is always prepared with great care. We start preparing early and the guest is always treated with extreme care. Meals are eaten around a low table where the meal starts with the meze, that is, many small preparations that are consumed as an appetizer. Despite the abundance of meze, the meal will also be abundant. The meal does not include the use of cutlery and dishes apart from those provided for the service. It is served from a large tray placed in the center of the table usually with your hands or with the help of bread.

Middle East Foods: Main Meals

Breakfast is a meal that differs according to the area, but often includes honey, yogurt, dried fruit, fruit juices. But also dishes such as salads, soups, eggs, olives, fish, bread and much more.

Lunch is a meal that is usually eaten between one and three in the afternoon and is made up of a light meal usually made up of meze, or in cities there are various kiosks or fast food restaurants.

Dinner is the richest meal of the day. Served between 8 pm and 11 pm. It consists of several dishes. the dishes vary according to the region, but generally a lot of dried fruit and dried fruit, vegetables, fish and meat are mainly used on the grill.

Carbohydrates are provided by legumes, long grain rice and various traditional breads. The meat instead and mainly of lamb or chicken usually cooked with vegetables and dried fruit. The fish is consumed in the countries that overlook the sea. Vegetables abound both cooked and raw.

Middle East Foods desserts are among the best known, often based on phyllo dough, honey and dried fruit, but also bakery preparations or puddings such as Muhallebi. There is a wide use of drinks like tea and coffee but also fresh fruit juices and cold yogurt drinks.

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