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Today we have prepared the Italian Tiramisu Recipe, the Italian spoon dessert par excellence, now loved all over the world. The coffee that impregnates the ladyfingers covered with the delicious mascarpone cream. At first, we could say that we all know everything about this beloved dessert, but in truth its true origins are lost among the thousand legends that surround it. Many claim its authorship, or the original recipe and over time the variants created are now a true multitude. But in fact who invented it?

tiramisu recipe original

The History of Italian Coffee Tiramisu

Few and simple ingredients that combined together create the delicious taste that distinguishes this dessert. It’s a spoon dessert spread throughout Italy but its origins are disputed by four regions of Veneto, Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Piedmont and Tuscany. But in reality to whom do we owe this delicious dessert? Well, we owe its authorship to Veneto, to be precise at the “Alle Beccherie” restaurant. Unfortunately this restaurant has been closed since 2014, but it’s here that in the 70s this dessert made its first appearance.

Italian Tiramisu Recipe, in truth, isn’t a real invented recipe, but is the evolution of two preparations, a cream called Sbatudin, prepared with egg yolks and sugar. In Veneto it was prepared and given to the elderly, convalescents and children because of the high energy power.

tiramisu recipe original

Another Venetian custom was to consume this cream with biscuits, called Baicoli, and whipped cream. Thanks to the pastry chef Loli Linguanotto, the traditional tiramisu recipe is obtained. A recipe that includes only the yolks, sugar, mascarpone, coffee, ladyfingers and cocoa. Some then added a little Marsala liqueur to the cream, but it is not included in the authentic recipe. Over time, variations have arisen in addition to that with liquor, such as the use of whole eggs or their absence.

TheItalian Tiramisu Recipe that I propose is the one that has always been prepared here at home, that is with eggs and Marsala liqueur. The Tiramisù recipe is versatile and can be prepared in a pan or in single portions to be turned out, or in a glass.

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Italian Tiramisu Recipe

"Creamy and greedy, a timeless dessert that just needs to be thought about to make your mouth water …"
Servings 10 portions
Prep Time 30 mins
Fridge 5 hrs
Total Time 5 hrs 30 mins


  • Baking Dish 26 x 20 x 4.5 cm


  • 250 – 300 g Lady Fingers
  • 700 g Mascarpone Cheese
  • 100 g Caster Sugar
  • 100 ml Marsala Wine
  • 4 Yolks
  • 200 – 400 ml Coffee
  • to taste Unsweetened Cocoa Powder


  • Make the coffee and let it cool down.
  • In a bowl, work the yolks with the sugar, until obtaining a thick and frothy cream.
  • Inside another bowl put the mascarpone. Work it with a spatula to make it creamy and soft. Gradually add the egg and sugar to the mascarpone.
  • Once mixed, pour the marsala little by little and mix well.
  • Pour the cold coffee into a deep dish. Start to soak slightly, I recommend, the ladyfingers and put them in the pan, empty, in case break them in half to create a homogeneous base.
  • Pour a layer of cream and set it with a spatula so as not to leave empty spaces. Create another layer with the ladyfingers and then cover it with the cream. Continue like this until you fill the baking dish remembering to finish with a layer of cream.
  • Dust with the bitter cocoa with a sieve and put in the fridge.
  • Leave to cool in the fridge for at least 5 hours, however I recommend for a better result, to prepare it from 12 to 24 hours before consuming it. In this way it will have time to compact and flavor.


* approximate calorie calculation
Chef: recipesjourney
Calories: 447kcal
Course: Sweets and Desserts
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: Spoon Dessert
Difficulty: Easy


Serving: 170g | Calories: 447kcal (22%) | Carbohydrates: 19.3g (6%) | Protein: 8g (16%) | Fat: 36.5g (56%) | Sugar: 17g (19%)
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