Western European Cuisines

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The Western European Cuisines are hearty, rich in all kinds of food, with elaborate recipes and abundant portions. Among them there are very renowned kitchens around the world considered the basis of the kitchen.

The Historical Contaminations

For this reason, Western European Cuisines have many points in common. These cuisines are closely linked to politics since the Middle Ages. The political marriages between the various families of Europe as well as consolidating the monarchies brought with them the usual habits and customs of the consorts, including the culinary ones.

They all have very abundant and hearty meat dishes, such as roasts and stews, other meat preparations very popular are the Patè and the various types of sausages. In the villages overlooking the sea there are dishes based on different fish and seafood. Various vegetables, potatoes are common as a side dish, as a filling for ravioli or to prepare gnocchi. There are the main types of cereals used for the preparation of bread. Milk is used for the preparation of yoghurt and cheese that are really many.

There is a wide use of eggs and milk for the production of confectionery products, in fact, between the kitchens of Western European Cuisines we find two of the most refined pastry in the world, the French and the Austrian. Switzerland also produces very fine chocolate.

Among all countries, a special mention goes to France that with its strategic geographical position, welcomes the characteristics not only of the cuisine that characterizes the Western Europe Cuisine but also that of the north, the south especially the Mediterranean.

Western Europe Cuisines

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