Northern European Cuisine

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The Northern European Cuisine can be defined as substantial, rich and robust. This is due to the fact that being Nordic cuisines the dishes had to make a good caloric contribution to combat the cold, for this they provide a wide use of animal fat. The most commonly known are English, Swedish and Danish.

The meat is particularly used, you can find many dishes of stewed meat. Above all in England they have a great variety, starting from the classic ones or those covered or wrapped in a paste shell like the Shepherd’s Pie. There are also many types of sausages such as the Danish MedisterpÄlse made of pork and spices or the famous English Black Pudding made of animal blood (usually pork), oatmeal and fat, used to prepare the hearty English breakfast.

Fish and seafood abound thanks to the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. There are cod, haddock and plaice and of course salmon. England is famous for its Fish and Chips, in Norway and Sweden the fish is also prepared pickled as Inlagd Sill, pickled herring served especially during the Midsummer festival (mid-summer) or the Gravlax, salmon in salt and herbs.

You can find sturdy bread Kavring a rye bread with a spicy and sweet taste or various very thin bread preparations such as the Scottish Bannock or Rieska Fillandese. The desserts of Northern European Cuisine are different, we find dry biscuits, soft sponge cake and desserts filled with cream and cream.

The Historical Contaminations

In many Northern European Cuisine, there are really similar, if not identical, dishes that differ only by name. This is due to the various populations that have influenced the territories, not to mention the various political marriages between different states of Europe that have brought dishes and products from other European areas and not as Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey etc. But one of the Northern European Cuisine has gone further, also incorporating the kitchens of its various colonies or the English one.

Northern Europe Cuisine

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