European Cuisine – Gastronomy of the Old Continent

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The European Cuisine is composed of many types of cuisine, also includes those transplanted to other continents thanks to the colonists. It’s a gastronomy that has deep roots in history and its development is closely linked to the various areas, from the autochthonous peoples and from the various influences occurred during the periods of conquest and colon

The European cuisine includes a wide use of meat ranging from poultry to cattle, sheep, pork and varied game. There are an infinite number of dairy products such as yogurt, soft and hard cheeses.

In coastal areas, all kinds of fish are present because the European coasts are bathed by the main oceans and inland seas. There are several products derived from wheat and rye. There are many varieties of bread and each country has developed its own recipes and cooking methods. In Italy there is pasta. Rice, however cultivated is less used than potatoes, has become a staple food especially in the northernmost countries after being imported from the Americas.

The European cuisine subdivision is not clear, as is the geographical subdivision. Turkey is normally recognized as a country that is part of the Middle East by position and type of cuisine, but a part of it belongs to European territories, as well as Russia, part European and part Asian. Another culinary example is France, where in the south there is a Mediterranean cuisine, while in the north the cuisine is richer and more robust.

It was quite difficult to create a clear and simple subdivision of European cuisine, but I think and hope I succeeded.

The European Cuisine

Northern European cuisines are characterized by robust dishes, often rich in fat. There are soups and stews, rich and robust dishes to fight the cold. Very common is the smoking of meat and fish, the latter is often preserved in brine. There are many types of sausages, vegetables are not as varied as in southern Europe and potatoes are very common. The loaves are sturdy and drier as well as most of the pastry.

The cuisines of Southern Europe have a wide variety of products and cooking methods. There are many varieties of vegetables consumed both cooked and raw, widespread is for example the tomato. Both meat, fish and cheese abound. The use of Olive Oil is preferred and also spices and aromatic herbs are widely used. Note that in the cuisines of Southern Europe are included countries that fall into the Mediterranean cuisine.

The cuisines of Western Europe has different shades. There are countries that incorporate Mediterranean, Saxon and Nordic cuisine given their geographical location. There are fish meat dairy products and plenty of vegetables. Among these kitchens we find some of the most renowned and refined cuisine such as the French one considered fundamental in the study of cooking techniques and the Austrian one with its fine pastry.

Cuisine of Eastern Europe

The cuisines of Eastern Europe is a hearty cuisine of peasant type, rich in different foods, fish from the lake areas, meat, cheese and lots of vegetables. Even spices and herbs are not lacking. They are influenced by Western cuisines, thanks to political marriages. But the real peculiarity of these kitchens is the use of drying, marinating, smoking and conservation in spirit, creating unique products and dishes.

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