European Cuisine, Gastronomy of the Old Continent

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European Cuisine also called western cuisine, includes many variations of kitchens. It’s a gastronomy that has deep roots in history. Each of the various kitchens that compose it, has evolved according to the cultures with which they came into contact. In the southernmost areas, those overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, such as Spain, Italy and Greece, there is a Mediterranean cuisine, rich in meat, fish and vegetables. Very similar to North African cuisine. While in the areas of central and northern Europe there is a wide use of ingredients such as potatoes, cabbage, pork, often to prepare stewed. Rich and hearty preparations. The states that face the sea will obviously welcome many fish and seafood preparations in their gastronomy.

British cuisine on the other hand, in addition to its typical meat-rich cuisine, has been able to incorporate the preparations of its colonies such as India and China. Their kitchens are very popular and widespread over much of the territory. In Russia, on the other hand, it has a gastronomy rich in cereals, mushrooms, berries and vegetables. Over time it has also incorporated preparations of origin of the Central European cuisine such as sauerkraut. Meat is not particularly present, unlike fish cooked in various ways.

The European Cuisine Foods

Europe foods  has a great use of spices and condiments. Many dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are used. Inevitable Extra Virgin Olive Oil and different varieties of bread. European gastronomy has many varieties of cuisine, which tend to be similar in proximity or on the basis of the conquests that have taken place throughout history. Creating dishes that are famous all over the world today. English Fish and Chips, Italian desserts and pizza, tasty Greek salads. And many other dishes that make European gastronomy to be discovered.

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