East Asia: the Far Eastern Cuisine

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East Asian cuisine is called East Asian cuisine or Far Eastern cuisine. The countries that are part of it are Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia and Taiwan. Most of these states are made up of numerous regional cuisines, especially Chinese Cuisine. They are very old kitchens, some of them have roots already in prehistory.

For example, China is the first civilization in which the advent of agriculture is found. On its vast territory there are a multitude of ingredients, creating a multifaceted gastronomy. There are cereals, sheep, pork, horses and poultry. Rice, different types of pasta and vegetables.

Korean Cuisine is mainly based on meat, rice, noodles and vegetables. There are spicy foods such as kimchi, prepared with different types of vegetables. There are various condiments such as sesame oil, garlic, ginger, coriander and fermented chili paste. Fish and seafood are also widely consumed in quantity. There are mushrooms, goji berries, cabbage ferns and lotus flower roots.

Japanese Cuisine is now renowned all over the world. It too is based on rice, noodles, vegetables, meat and fish. Much used is soy and all its derivatives. They are the country with the largest consumption of seafood. The cooking methods are varied, the foods can be fried, steamed or grilled stews.

Mongolian and Taiwanese Cuisine

Mongolian Cuisine is a very different cuisine from other East Asian cuisines. Its harsher climate has greatly affected the gastronomy of this country which is based on meat, dairy products and animal fat. There is no use of many spices. The proximity of countries like China and Russia has influenced Mongolian cuisine and vice versa.

Taiwanese Cuisine is a true mix of flavors and cooking styles. The biggest influences are Chinese and Japanese ones. The meat used is mainly pork and chicken while the beef is not widespread. Rice, fish and soy are also widespread.

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