Central America Food, Pre-Columbian and Caribbean cuisines

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The Central America Food, is made up of traditions from Spanish, African, Mayan and Aztec cuisine. The fusion of these realities has given life to the typical cuisine that can be enjoyed in the area. There are dishes such as soups and stews, many of them are based on meat, rich salads and snacks. The ingredients used in this cuisine are pork, chicken and beef. There are many vegetables, such as tomatoes, salad, avocado, corn accompanied always with rice and patti breads in which to wrap the main dish. The use of spicy is widespread thanks to the numerous varieties that grow in these areas.

The Pre Columbian Cultures Cuisine

The Pre Columbian Cultures Cuisine includes the culinary culture present throughout Mesoamerica or what we call Central America. The influence of this cuisine is also found in South America especially in the northern part. Mexico is the largest region in this area and consequently its cuisine is the best known. It borders on South America and is part of pre-Columbian cultures. It’s not considered in the countries of Central America, but considering it from the historical and gastronomic side, it has the same characteristics.

Mexican cuisine is strongly rooted in the territory and traditions. It is rich in spices, flavors and fabulous ingredients. It is very rich in meat, such as chicken and pork but above all beef. Vegetables such as pumpkins, corn, tomatoes and salads also abound. The accompanying sauces to be served with rice and beans are omnipresent. In coastal areas, many shellfish and seafood are consumed. It is a particularly developed cuisine with Hispanic influences, which differs greatly according to the various regions. Characteristics that are reflected in other pre columbian cultures.

The Caribbean Cusines

Caribbean cuisines is included in Central America Food. The Caribbean cuisines, includes all dishes from all islands that are located in the Caribbean Sea, near Central America. Like some kitchens from the southern United States, the cuisine found in the Caribbean is Creole Cuisine. That is a mix of European, African and native cuisine. The dishes offered include meat and fish, lots of vegetables and fruit typical of the area. Here too the dishes are usually single dishes, which include vegetables, meat or fish, rice and legumes. The use of spicy is present in almost all dishes.

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