Baked Stuffed Zucchini with Cheese


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Delicious and quick, Baked Stuffed Zucchini with Cheese are the perfect side dish for any meat dish, from a nice rare steak to a succulent roast.

stuffed courgettes

Baked Stuffed Zucchini with Cheese

Round courgettes stuffed with mashed potatoes rich in stringy cheese, onions and spices. They can be enriched and customized with different ingredients, such as cubes of ham, or bacon, change the cheese using mozzarella or adding on top of the breadcrumbs cheese for a crunchy effect.

In any case, they will be a success. Just cut the top of the zucchini and dig the inside with a vegetable digger or with a teaspoon, being careful not to pierce the shell. Once emptied, blanch the shells and caps in boiling salted water for 5 minutes. Make sure that the water completely enters the hollows. Drain them well as they dry and prepare the filling. Fill them and bake them for 20 minutes and that’s it!

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Baked Stuffed Zucchini With Cheese

Tasty round courgettes stuffed with mashed potatoes, cheese, onions and spices, a perfect side dish for any meat dish!
Porzioni 6 portions
Tempo di Preparazione 40 minutes
Tempo di Cottura 20 minutes
Tempo totale 1 hour


  • 6 round Courgettes
  • 250 g Provola Affumicata Cheese grated or smoked scamorza
  • 900 g Potatoes
  • 2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 cloves Garlic
  • ½ Yellow Onions
  • 1 Tbsp Worcestershire
  • 1 – ½ Tbsp Mexican Spices
  • 2 Tbsp White Wine
  • q.s. Salt
  • q.s. Black Pepper


  • Put a large pot with plenty of salted water on the stove.
  • Peel the potatoes and cut them into small cubes, so they cook more quickly. Once the water has reached a boil, dip it and cook it.
    900 g Potatoes
  • While the potatoes are cooking, wash the courgettes, cut the head to obtain a lid and set it aside.
  • Scoop the zucchini with a digger or spoon and keep the pulp aside.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked, drain and put the courgettes and lids in the water. Let the water get inside them and blanch them for at least 5 minutes.
    6 round Courgettes
  • Finely chop onion and garlic and fry in a pan with oil, once golden add the pulp of the zucchini.
    2 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ½ Yellow Onions, 2 cloves Garlic
  • When they start to fry, add the white wine and let it evaporate. Once cooked, salt and pepper the courgettes and turn off the heat.
    2 Tbsp White Wine, q.s. Salt, q.s. Black Pepper
  • In a bowl, mash the potatoes and add the sautéed courgettes. Add the other seasonings, keeping a part of the provolone aside.
    1 Tbsp Worcestershire, 1 – ½ Tbsp Mexican Spices, 250 g Provola Affumicata Cheese
  • Preheat the oven to 180 °C.
  • Mix everything, season with salt and start stuffing the zucchini. Once filled, sprinkle the top of the filling with the provolone kept aside, place the lids, put a drop of oil on each one and bake for 20 minutes
  • Once cooked, serve them still hot.


You can vary the filling using a different cheese, or with sauteed mushrooms, cubes of ham or bacon, with different spices and much more.
Chef: Taira by R.J.
Calorie: 335kcal
Course: Side Dishes
Cuisine: Recipes Journey Original
Keyword: Baking, Cheese, Without Eggs
Difficoltà: Easy
Temperatura: 180 °C/356 °F


Serving: 230g | Calories: 335kcal (17%) | Carbohydrates: 34g (11%) | Protein: 13g (26%) | Fat: 16.2g (25%) | Sugar: 3g (3%)

Le informazioni nutrizionali mostrate sono una stima fornita da un calcolatore nutrizionale online. Non deve essere considerato un sostituto del consiglio di un nutrizionista professionista.

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