South East Asia Cuisines

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South East Asian Cuisines are aromatic, hot and spicy cuisines, fresh and rich in ingredients.

South East Asia is made up of 11 states including Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, without forgetting the various states that create the archipelago between China and Australia. It’s a very fertile area thanks to the climate, the sea and the numerous volcanoes. The cuisines are very varied, full of dishes with fresh, very aromatic and tasty ingredients.

There is an abundant use of hot peppers and spices such as cloves, star anise, cinnamon, galangal, a root similar to ginger, with a sweet and pungent flavor, lemongrass and ginger. Aromatic herbs such as coriander, Asian basil, perilla and mint are also widely used. The use of fish sauce instead of soy sauce is more preferred.

The Variety Of Dishes

The dishes consumed are truly varied, given the diversity of the territory and the proximity of the various adjacent countries. Various soups are consumed in which coconut milk is very often used, salads and fresh preparations, or dishes that prefer stir fry cooking with the wok, a rapid cooking at high temperature that manages to preserve the freshness of the ingredients used.

As in all of Asia, the use of rice is wide and not only in its natural form but also for the preparation of various types of noodles, in desserts, and bakery products in general.

The Most Famous Cuisines

The best known and defined refined South East Asia Cuisines are the Vietnamese Cuisine which includes more than 500 typical dishes. Large quantities of rice are consumed, but also noodles. There are dishes in broth, fried, stewed and others cooked through cooking. There are also many rice-based and non-rice-based desserts.

Among the others best-known South East Asia Cuisines we find the Thai Cuisine, which is considered a fine cuisine. Rich in dishes with intense and fresh flavors, it’s appreciated all over the world. On the territory, four regional cuisines are distinguished. Dishes include meat, fish, seafood, rice and vegetables. Very famous are the various types of curries, soups and the many small dishes that include meals, without forgetting the multitude of street food.

The South East Asia Cuisines

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