South Asian Cuisines – Indian Subcontinent

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The South Asian Cuisines enclose the kitchens of the Indian subcontinent. The kitchens of this part of Asia, are really widespread all over the world, and are also the result of inspiration for invented dishes such as the tikka masala chicken invented in England or the roti prata better known as roti canai invented in Singapore.

The Historical Contaminations

The South Asian Cuisines include different cultures and religions that led to culinary development, not to mention the influence that the British Empire had. The cuisine of this area of Asia is very spicy rich in chili, cumin, turmeric, black pepper, star anise and cloves, used alone or to prepare various blends of curry. Ginger is used to prepare sweet and savory dishes. It is consumed bread the Chapati a flat bread, rice and roti prepared with wheat or bean flour.

The meat consumed is goat, chicken, fish, sheep and cattle although less common since cattle are sacred to Hindus who generally avoid any type of meat, preferring yogurt and cheese as the Paneer. The pig is a real taboo, only the Christian part consumes it. The Jewish part does not mix meat and dairy products, according to their customs, giving rise to meat and egg dishes. Muslims eat goat meat in curries or baked in tandoori oven.

Sweets are often made from evaporated milk, dried fruits such as pistachios, almonds or legumes such as lentil flour or rice.

South Asian Cuisines

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