East Asian Cuisines – The Far East

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The East Asian Cuisines is called East-Asian cuisine and/or Far East cuisine. The countries that are part of it are Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia and Taiwan. Most of these states are made up of numerous regional cuisines, especially Chinese cuisine. They have very ancient culinary cultures, some of them have roots already in prehistoric times.

The Far East Cuisines

East Asian Cuisines, despite European colonization have managed to maintain their culinary identity. Of course, contamination has occurred, but they have managed to integrate the various ingredients into their culinary culture without losing their identity.

The East Asian Cuisines is strongly tied to the imperial cuisine that has developed in different countries, and of course from that of the people who have developed simultaneously creating really fine dishes. These are countries that have rice as their main source of food, around it are served various side dishes. There are many spicy dishes especially in China and Korea, even in Japan there are spicy foods but in a more delicate way.

There are cereals, sheep meat, swine, horses (in some areas in China) and poultry. The rice and the basis of their diet together with different types of noodle. Fermented foods such as kimchi, prepared with different types of vegetables are very common. Condiments such as sesame oil, garlic, ginger, coriander and fermented chili paste, soy and fish sauce are not only used to flavor but also to give salinity.

Fish and seafood are widely consumed in quantity, Japan is the country with the largest consumption of seafood. Not to mention the many products derived from soya. Various vegetables are consumed including mushrooms, cabbages, ferns, lotus flower roots and goji berries.

The food is fried, stewed, steamed, grilled and stirfryied.

The Mongolian and Taiwanese Cuisine

Mongolian cuisine is very different from other East Asian cuisines. They are its most severe climate and the nomadic culture that distinguishes them, have influenced the gastronomy of this country, which is based on meat mainly horse and mutton, dairy products and animal fat. Not many spices are used. The proximity of countries such as China and Russia influenced the Mongol cuisine and vice versa.

Taiwanese Cuisine is a true mix of flavors and styles of cuisine. The biggest influences are Chinese and Japanese. The meat used is mainly pork and chicken, while beef is not very common. Rice, fish and soy are also widely used.

East Asian Cuisines

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