Asian Cuisines – The Orient Flavors

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Asia is the largest continent and the most populated, so Asian Cuisines are composed of many different cuisines, well defined according to the culture of origin. In general they are spicy cuisines, rich in flavors, scents and are also very colorful.

Every kind of food and ingredient is present. But there are some ingredients in common, rice is definitely the main, short-grain, long-grain, Jasmine and Basmati are the types used, in the eastern areas are also consumed Bulgur and Couscous. The spices are really endless, star anise, cumin, cardamom, nutmeg, sumac, various blends of curry, ginger, garlic, turmeric and much more. Soy and its derivatives, red and green chili, sesame, onions and shallots.

In addition to rice, many varieties of noodles made from soy, rice, wheat, mung beans and konjac are also consumed in the Asian cuisines. The bread is usually the flat type used also to pick up the food or steamed.

All types of meat are consumed even if some states make exceptions for religious reasons. The fish is widespread considering also the vastness of the coasts. There are a multitude of different vegetables, a component always present in every meal. Asian cuisines also includes many vegetarian dishes. The food is cooked in every way, but among all the methods stand out the stirfryin, frying and steaming.

The Asian Cuisines

Western Asian Cuisines

Middle Eastern Cuisine

It’s known as Middle Eastern cuisine. They’re spicy, but not overly spicy. Rich in vegetables, the meat used is mainly sheep and mutton, but they are consumed and even those of chicken and beef, instead to the pork that is prohibited. Products such dried fruit, honey, dates, yogurt and chickpeas are omnipresent in all kitchens.

Central Asia Cuisines

It’s a kitchen that brings back many features of West and East Asian cuisine. Some populations of this area, are nomads, and for this reason are consumed horse and mutton meats. Yogurt is a very important component in the diet of these people who are supposed to have invented it.

It’s a spicy kitchen, where the different Curry blends are the master. There are strong spices such as cloves, star anise and various types of chili. Large quantities of lamb, goat, fish and chicken are consumed, cattle are sacred to hindus and therefore prohibited, such as pork on the Muslim side. Hindu cuisines include most vegetarian cuisines.

They are kitchens with particular aromas. One of the ubiquitous ingredients is the Fish Sauce that gives flavor and sapidity to the dishes. Galanga, ginger, citronella and kombawa give strong and intoxicating aromas. There are many vegetables, meats and especially fish since most of the countries are islands.

They are varied, very ancient cuisines, based on the consumption of rice and noodle. Among the cuisines of Asia are considered particularly refined, and are the most known and widespread in the world. They provide any type of food. The basic meal always includes many small dishes to be consumed with white rice.

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