American Cuisine – The Tastes of the New Continent

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The American Cuisine includes an infinite number of delicacies deriving from the fusion of many native and foreign cultures: Amerindie, Maya, Aztec, Indios, European, Asian and African. The ingredients, flavors and cooking methods of these cultures have given rise to different strands of cuisine, which distinguish various areas.

The meat is widespread throughout the country, beef, chicken, pork, game. American Cuisine also includes the consumption of more unusual types of meat in certain specific areas, such as crocodiles, possums, snakes and more.. The fish, the crustaceans and the seafood are diffused on all the coasts, while in the hinterland are consumed those of sweet water coming from rivers and lakes like the much loved catfishes in the southerners states of the United States. Vegetables and legumes are normally consumed.

In the American Cuisine potatoes and ignam are widespread throughout the continent. Bread is not as central a food as it can be in Europe, as opposed to rice, which is very common especially in the areas of Central America, the south and the Caribbean.

American Cuisine

It has European, Amerindian, Jewish, African, Asian and even Middle Eastern influences. It has many meat dishes, cooked in various ways, one of the most popular is definitely the BBQ. Fish and seafood are also found in coastal areas and inland areas thanks to rivers and lakes. Vegetables are used as a side dish of various dishes. Confectionery products are delicious and now known throughout the world.

Its contamination comes from the cultures of the Maya, the Aztecs, the Spanish and the Africans. Rice is very common but also corn and preparations based on it. The main meats are beef, chicken and pork but are also eaten “exotic” meats such as iguanas and rattlesnakes. Beans and many vegetables and cheeses are also consumed.

South American Cuisine

Influenced by Inca culture, Portuguese, Italian, African and Spanish. South American cuisine is renowned for its succulent grilled beef, of course there are also chicken and pork. Fish and seafood are also very common. Rice, chinoa and legumes often accompany the main courses. Maize is mainly used in the form of flour, and plane trees are also part of the diet.

Contains the Creole, Cajun, African, Amerindian and European influences on the basis of which he was their conqueror. Despite the proximity, the kitchens of the various islands can be different from each other. They are islands, so fish and seafood are very consumed, but also pork, beef and chicken. They are spicy and spicy cuisines. Curry is widely used with coconut milk. Rice and yams are integral parts of their diet.

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